Book Review: Demontouched by Douglas Wayne

Demons. Demons everywhere. Demons abound in Douglas Wayne’s dark urban fantasy Demontouched.

Demontouched by Douglas Wayne

Demontouched by Douglas Wayne
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As I mentioned in my previous review of Kate Whitaker’s Succubus, I enjoy reading about demons. A lot. I came across this book while perusing the dark fantasy section of the Kindle store, curious about the title.

Protagonist Mitchell Butler lives in a world that is recovering from “The Rising, a Rapture-like event that led to the breakdown of society as we once knew it. While many of the “good” people were swept away into the Afterlife to avoid the destruction that was to come, others like Mitchell are trapped in a broken world that is now inhabited by supernatural creatures in addition to humans: demons who escaped from Hell and seek power on Earth, and angels that have descended from Heaven.

Mitchell occupies a unique place in this crime-riddled world: he works for a crimelord known as Nal, who controls much of St. Louis. Mitchell often dons himself with holy water and a cross to fight against the troublesome Earth-bound demons. The twist? Mitchell himself is also possessed by a demon that he lovingly refers to as Eunie, caused by a deal that he made to save his now-dead wife. Eunie can be helpful and grant Mitchell superhuman powers, but at other times he’ll take over Mitchell’s body completely.

When his boss gives him an assignment to deal with Duncan, another crimelord who has been giving Nal’s business trouble, Mitchell will need to bring a sharp dose of wit and his deal with Eunie to complete the job. But Mitchell finds that this assignment will bring him more than he bargained for.

An intriguing premise, a constant flow of humor and sarcasm from Mitchell, and a fast pace makes Demontouched a quick and satisfying fantasy read. Demontouched is available on the Amazon Kindle store. It’s currently free, but I’m not sure how long it’ll be, so grab this pageturner while you can!

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