Book Review: Succubus by Kate Whitaker

What do you get when you mix Pittsburgh with the paranormal? Succubus by Kate Whitaker, a fantastic urban fantasy adventure.

Succubus (Monsters of Pittsburgh, Book 1) by Kate Whitaker

Succubus by Kate Whitaker
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I believe that I may have stumbled upon my newest favorite urban fantasy series. I love demons in my fiction. I think that’s what initially caught my eye when I stumbled across this title on the Internet. This book did not disappoint. Mina and Rick are demon hunters in the aforementioned city. They don’t just hunt down the supernatural – they are the supernatural. Mina is also a werewolf, while Rick is her Speaker – someone with the ability to control werewolves. The rest of the cast includes Sam, another demon hunter; Matty, Mina’s brother; and Dean, Mina’s ex and Matty’s current lover. The book hints toward further backstory, such as a conflict between Speakers and werewolves in the past, which will likely be illuminated in the rest of the series. When Mina and Rick go out to a club one night, they find a succubus, a female demon, already feeding on the people in the club and getting them to do her bidding. This triggers Mina and Rick to do what they do best: kick some serious demon butt together. Although they may also share a deeper connection beyond demon-hunting… I enjoyed how Whitaker took classic fantastical species such as demons and werewolves and injected them with her own originality, creating unique creatures in her urban fantasy setting. The characters are also real, and human despite also being supernatural. I can’t wait to jump into the next six books in the series, each of which is based off of another fantastic creature, and find out what other adventures Mina and Rick and the rest of the gang get themselves up to. Succubus is available on the Kindle Store or for rental with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can also buy the omnibus collection if you want to read all of the stories back to back. A highly recommended beginning to what I’m sure is a great urban fantasy series.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Succubus by Kate Whitaker”

  1. I have been reading this series and I can tell you, it only gets better. All the little hints come out as great action and emotional engagement. You won’t regret getting the whole set.

    1. Yay, that’s great to hear! The next book in the series is on my to-read list for the summer, so I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of the series soon!

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