Book Review: Blood Magic by Domino Finn

Quote from Domino Finn’s Amazon bio: “If Domino could shout one message to the world, it would be that it’s okay to take fantasy seriously.”

Blood Magic by Domino Finn

Blood Magic by Domino Finn
From Goodreads

Rick Danvers, known on the street as Ricky Kicks, is a cop currently undercover in a slum in Los Angeles known as Skid Row. His investigation? A series of bloody and ritualistic suicides occurring among Skid Row’s residents. The suicides are so bizarre that it leads Ricky to question whether these are even suicides at all, or perhaps murders. But if they are indeed homicides, then who could be behind this string of killings? The local voodoo priest? Another resident of Skid Row? Or perhaps some other entity entirely?

I recommend Blood Magic if you enjoy a good mystery tinged with the horrific and the supernatural. Finn’s short story is available on the Amazon Kindle store. As of this writing, the story is available for free. Plus if you sign up for Domino Finn’s newsletter, you can grab a free book, The Seventh Sons, in addition to a free copy of Blood Magic. 

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