Nostalgia Sunday: The Tribe

Ah, The Tribe: one of my favorite shows that (almost) no one I know in real life has ever heard of.

So there was this show that I accidentally discovered on WAM! (one of the Starz channels) as a kid that I became obsessed with. The Tribe was this science-fiction show from New Zealand aimed at teens/young adults, about a world in which all of the adults had been killed off by a mysterious virus. The children and teens left were then forced to band together in tribes to survive the ensuing chaos. It only took one episode, and before I knew it I was hooked.

The Tribe was unlike anything else I had seen at the time. Though I started watching the show during Season 4, I quickly went online to find out everything I could about the previous seasons. The show was full of drama and lots of costumes and wacky makeup (each tribe tended to have a distinctive style). The Tribe even produced an album, which I listened to repeatedly. I watched Season 5 as soon as it premiered in the US, and I later on caught up with all of the seasons that I had missed.

The Tribe
The Tribe, cast of Season 1 – from Tribeworld

I can’t even begin to explain how upset I was when I found out that there wasn’t going to be a Season 6. To compensate, I watched some other shows from the same production company, Cloud 9, which featured a lot of the same actors. To fill that Tribe-shaped hole in my soul, I also perused every fansite I could find and read lots of fanfiction. I got ridiculously excited when I found that music from The Tribe was up on Spotify. Now I listen to the soundtrack a lot while editing, and it fills me with joyful memories.

Atlantis High
Atlantis High, one of the other shows produced by Cloud 9 – from

I finally met someone else who was as equally obsessed with The Tribe when I got to college and we bonded over our shared love of the show. So the story continues. Though The Tribe premiered 16 years ago, the show will forever hold a place in my heart.

Was there anything you enjoyed as a child that hardly anyone else seemed to know about?

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