A Science Fiction Double Feature!

Two excellent sci-fi reads I enjoyed this summer!

Why yes, I am a fan of Rocky Horror! How did you know?


I’ve had the chance to read a lot of great books on my Kindle this summer. Although I tend to browse through more Fantasy than Science-Fiction books (I love both genres, but Fantasy is the primary one I write), I managed to stumble upon two excellent sci-fi reads to enjoy on my Kindle:


Furtl by Strobe Witherspoon

Furtl follows the adventures of Manny Kahn, the creator of the eponymous search engine which has grown to become heavily ingrained in the society of the future. A social network, self-driving cars, even monetary transactions…you name it, furtl is probably involved. When Kahn returns to the United States after a hiatus abroad, he finds that furtl has changed his home in more ways than he expected…

Furtl is a hysterical satire of today’s world. I often found myself laughing at how spot-on the parody was. Waitherspoon’s dystopian satire is available on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.


Solace Inc by Jason Werbeloff

In today’s jam-packed world, you probably feel pressed for time more often than not. Constantly bombarded with images, advertisements, and screens full of text, it can be easy to feel drained from the sheer amount of information always being tossed at you. Wouldn’t it be great to have some way to break out of this constant grind?

Fast-forward to a future where this experience has increased exponentially, and the world around you is falling into a dystopian state. Now imagine that you could take a pill that would slow down your perception of time to provide you a temporary escape from this overly fast-paced world. Welcome to the world of Solace Inc, a quick, thought-provoking read that is well worth your time. The first book in The Solace Pill series is available for free on the Amazon Kindle store. Plus, if you sign up for Werbeloff’s newsletter, you can get the rest of the story for free as well!


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