Introducing…The Trove

Hello there, fellow stellar writers. I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday. I wanted to share a resource for speculative fiction writers that I’ve been working on recently:

The Trove


What’s The Trove, you might ask?

Imagine if you could save time searching for writing and self-publishing resources because you have a curated list of the best stuff right at your fingertips. The Trove is a directory of resources that acts as a companion to the articles on this site. Inside The Trove you’ll find free and premium tools to help with self-publishing, improving your writing, and building your website.

And since we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, The Trove will also have links to places where you can treat yourself with a new stellar work of fiction or cool gifts after a long day of writing.

As with anything, The Trove is a work in progress. This library is already an improvement upon my previous setup – I used to have two sections for resources that I referenced in my articles (The Shop and The Resource Library, which separated free and paid resources from each other), but creating a single directory made a lot more sense in terms of ease of use and user friendliness. I’m still updating and shifting the categories around, and I plan on adding new resources multiple times a week. I’ll also probably create a submission form in the near future once the directory’s foundation is finished so that you can share the tools that have been most helpful to you.

Until next time, I wish you all stellar adventures in your writing!

If you write fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, check out The Trove here.

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