Navigating Amazon with “How to Sell Fiction on Kindle”

If you’re planning on self-publishing via the Amazon Kindle store but are unsure of how to begin, How to Sell Fiction on Kindle by Michael Alvear has practical tips to help you market your book on Amazon.

How to Sell Fiction on Kindle by Michael Alvear

How to Sell Fiction on Kindle

I have found the process of self-publishing to be simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming. I am thrilled that Amazon provides authors with the tools to publish their work, but I’m also concerned about how I’ll be able to best utilize these tools over the course of my publishing journey. How to Sell Fiction on Kindle by Michael Alvear has been incredibly helpful for planning my marketing strategy once my book is available on Amazon. Among other topics, Alvear’s guide contains strategy regarding:

  • Content to add to your AuthorCentral page
  • Creating and formating an effective Book Description
  • Coming up with titles and subtitles
  • Utilizing Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature
  • How to price your books
  • Using one book to promote your other books
  • Keyword research to increase your book’s visibility

Although I’ve read other books recommending that I perform keyword research on Amazon to target my book’s particular niche, How to Sell Fiction on Kindle was especially helpful for this aspect of marketing. Most other sources have suggested either manually performing keyword research word by word in Amazon’s search engine or purchasing keyword niche software. But if you purchase this book, you’ll get access to a database of niche keywords categorized by genre and subgenre that you can put into your book’s title, subtitle, and book description to help you reach more readers.

How to Sell Fiction on Kindle is available on Amazon for $4.99 or for rental with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I am looking forward to implementing Alvear’s tips as I prepare to self-publish my stories on Kindle, and I hope you will also find useful advice within this guide.

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