The Definitive Guide to Building Your World

Create your own stellar setting for your science-fiction or fantasy story with these posts.


Whether you’re building a setting for a series of books or creating a world as a separate project altogether, this growing list of resources can help you build and flesh out your world.


Build a solid foundation for your setting with the Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Creating Your Fantasy World



The post that started it all… If you’re writing a speculative fiction story, creating a compelling setting can often be equally as important to the characters that populate your world. Whether you’ve already got the bare bones of your fictional setting laid out or need help fleshing out an idea into an intriguing locale, you can use these resources to guide you through every step of creating your fantasy world.


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Create a language for your world with these resources


Want to create your own language for your setting, but unsure of how to begin? Check out these resources for constructing a language, from alphabet to slang words and beyond.


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Discover more worldbuilding resources in The Trove


The Trove is a curated collection of resources for authors of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. For even more tools on creating your setting and more, check out the Characters + Setting category.


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Research and Inspiration (Coming Soon!)

Storytelling in Your World (Coming Soon!)

Creating Your Species (Coming Soon!)


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