Short Films from Daywalt Fear Factory

Love horror, but don’t always have time to watch a full-length movie? Check out the Daywalt Fear Factory channel on YouTube! Drew Daywalt, a horror filmmaker and author, and his wife Marichelle Daywalt produce short horror, all available to stream for free. Curious, but not sure where to begin? Take a look at this sampler of exquisite horror shorts.

From Heroes and Hellions
From Heroes and Hellions


Mockingbird is the first Daywalt short I saw and the one that got me hooked. Short but definitely sweet:


Not all of them are designed to scare. The Laundromat, for example, plays with your expectations with a dash of humor:


Thinking of surprising someone for your birthday? You might be the one that ends up surprised:


“The Many Doors of Albert Whale” is an intriguing short film. If you’re a little confused after you watch it, be sure to scroll through the comments on the video:


Daywalt Horror also has a series on YouTube, “Camera Obscura.” I’m still making my way through the series. Check out the first episode below:

Check out the Daywalt Fear Factory Channel!


Are there any other awesome indie shorts that I’m missing out on?

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